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    1. I'm ready to reproduce my work! How do I get started?

      The first step in the reproduction process is to capture the original piece or film negative digitally. We are able to capture either format in-house. A transparency can also be reproduced, but it's not recommended, unless, for some reason, you are unable to obtain the original art you would like to reproduce.

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    2. How do you scan my painting? At what resolution?

      We digitally capture your original piece using a high-end digital camera. Using a camera instead of a flatbed scanner allows us to control the lighting, texture, and contrast much easier, resulting in a more accurate and appealing final product.

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    3. How do I ship my painting?

      If you are local, feel free to come by our office in person. If you have to ship the artwork, remove the frame (if it has one) and have it packaged in a wooden crate, or a box with rigid lining. You don't want your piece to be bent or damaged during its trip!

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    4. What kind of products do you use?

      We use a variety of media: Fabric, Canvas, Fine Art Paper, Photo Realistic Paper, and Unique and creative Substrates. For more information on each print media, see Product Info.

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    5. How much does it cost to reproduce my original?

      The cost depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to: digital capture and/ or color correction, size of the piece, print media, post-production effects (Impasto, screen-printing), volume, etc.
      Please contact us for a custom quote so that we can better understand your needs!
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    6. What is a Giclee?

      A  For in-depth information on the Giclee process, see About Giclee.

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    7. I am working on a budget, but still want my work displayed as dynamically as possible; what are my options?

      If canvas is out of your range, a possible alternative would be photographic paper mounted on foam board. Our Fine Art Papers another option. But keep in mind, each media determines the value of your piece. Canvas may be higher in cost, but your piece will be higher in value.

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    8. What is your turn-around?

      We typically complete a project within 5-10 business days. If you need it sooner, faster turn-around times can be requested for an additional rush fee.

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    9. Do you offer volume pricing?

      Yes. Please contact us directly to discuss volume requirements and pricing!

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    10. Is there any way I can reproduce my art AND increase its value?

      Yes, utilizing a unique hand-applied technique such as screen printing or Impasto makes each piece one-of-a-kind, thus increasing its value.

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    11. If I wanted you to ship prints to my client, can you do that for me?

      Of course! Fulfillment services available that include the storage of your prints as well as packaging and shipping to the customers you specify.

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    12. I am an artist/photographer looking to get some exposure. Do you have any way of promoting my work?

      Absolutely. In support of our fellow artist & photographers, Art on Giclee, Inc. offers 12 gallery spaces to each artist and/ or photographer whose work fits our aesthetic. We also offer marketing packages to increase your selling potential. For more info on how to become a part of the Art on Giclee, Inc. community, Please request an affiliation package using our contact form.

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    13. I see that you are "Tru Giclee" certified; what does that mean?

      Simply stated, this means that we, as a facility, have met and are obligated to meet the high standard of quality that coincides with producing a premium Giclee.
      Not all Giclee printers are the same, and our Tru Giclee certification is proof. We strive to exceed your standards and expectations!
    14. How long has Art on Giclee been in business?

      Since 2002.

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    15. What are your hours?

      We are open M-F / 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday PST

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    16. Do I need to make an appointment?

      Yes. Contact us at 949-305-2010 • 949-305-2009 and notify us of your pending arrival OR e-mail us at vipsales@artongiclee.com.

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